Joomla Custom Extensions

These are some of the extensions we made on request.

These extensions are built exactly for customer website and his needs, so they are not available for download. The purpose of this page is to let you know that if you cannot find an extension that suites you well, we probably can do it for you!




Reservation component

This extension is a complete reservation/payment system. It uses MooTools (included in Joomla) to show the avaibility of the rooms and it gives the ability to easily select days to reserve by click on cells. It has a manage page where you can see, confirm, edit, print the reservations. It also use paypal to pay the advance and auto-confirm the reservation when payment done.


Allow user to put weather condition on a map (Article Geotag customization)

This component allow the user to create a form which state the weather condition in a poit of the map. The user can choose the icon which will be the marker on the map for that entry. When mouse over a marker, a small window apper with few data. On click it opens the full form. As usual there is a manage view to edit/delete entries, see IP address of poster and so on.


Extension for movies website

This extension add access to The Movie DB data to create actor and movie details pages. Main features: link articles to actor/movie page, add a tag, add an underlined link to the pages on actor/movie name in the article, user rating, user bookmarks, module to show the news of about preferred actor/movie, JComments integration, Amazon integration


Geotagged Photo Map (Article Geotag customization)

This component allow the user to upload picture and put them on a map by dragging a marker. If the picture contains EXIF data, it reads the coordinates and automatically set the marker on the map. When mouse pass over a marker it shows the photo preview. Clicking on a marker a balloon windows appear with picture preview, a couple of custom field and the beginning of the linked article. It create thumb on upload so the component loading is very quick! It also have a manage form for editing/delete entries, see IP address of poster and so on.


Online Photo Catalog

This component allow the user to easily add/edit/remove from the frontend the photos and the pdf catalog of each brand. The photos are rotated with an eye-catching slideshow.


Background Image Rotator 

This module inject a div which contain a background image. The images are taken from a folder and are rotated with a fade effect. The main feature is that it not requires any template modification and it fits the images without stretch them or leave blanks. The folder, the time interval, the opacitiy and the background color are parametric.


Content Toggle plugin (Details Toggle customization) 

This plugin allow you to make collapsable any part of the website, even outside the content zone. It creates a title area which contain the menu item text and a parametric text just below. Clicking on this area the wrapped zone will open/collapse with a nice slide effect.